The importance of commercial tiled floor cleaning...

Regular maintenance of Limestone, Marble, Slate and Granite flooring is extremely important. These types of flooring are usually found in the most prestigious and heavily trafficked areas within a building and no doubt play a large part in your company image. Using our specialist equipment and techniques we will extend the longevity of the floor surface therefore reducing how often the floor will need to be refurbished. Professional regular floor maintenance is recommended and will save you money and disruption in the long term.

All our ceramic floor cleaning techniques and products are always manufacturer approved and and especially designed for the job.

At Selcourt, we have a wealth of experience in tiled floor cleaning, commercial carpet cleaning, stone floor cleaning and vinyl floor cleaning – so whatever floor finish you have in your office, we can provide the expertise to keep it looking its best.

“I've never see our floors so clean”

Ceramic floor tile cleaning for commercial premises

Ceramic floor tile cleaning for commercial premises

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